Since 2009, Cortney Lang Photography has provided timeless, luxury fine art photography services for families in North Texas.   


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Your family is unique, it is why I strive to makes sure that your session is catered to you and your family. It is a personal experience that you will never forget. So if you are looking for someone who will spend time with you to iron out every detail of your session, or even someone to guide you to your vision you are in the right place!

My job is to help guide you through your experience from planning your session, to delivering the images and all the fun things in between.

So let me introduce myself! I'm Cortney, a photographer for growing families, brands, and most of all those sweet little newborns. Let me just start by saying I see you, I feel you and I’ve been you. - “Family photos are so stressful. What will we wear? My husband hates photos. Maybe it’s not worth the stress with my toddlers” I’ve had those same worries, which is why I have developed the way I do things so that all those thoughts are not concerns any longer. We have so much fun at your session you’ll forget you are even having photos done!

Before having my son 11 years ago I was a pediatric nurse, pulling those 12 hour shifts. I loved my job, I loved the kids, but it just wasn’t a good fit for my family as we decided to grow. I have always been creative, my first camera(s) were the old film. Photography has always been an outlet that allowed me to do decompress after a long day. My first DSLR was a tiny little canon that I used until it gave out. After having our daughter, it was time for me to move on from nursing and finally take my photography to the next level. It allowed me to not only show my kids that mama can do anything, but also it gave me so many moments with my kids that I will cherish forever. 

So now, I create magical moments with so many families, moments that they get to treasure for eternity. That is the greatest reward. 

Ready to get started? Let’s do it! 

I'm Cortney, owner and artist behind Cortney Lang Photography.

owner + artist

Our special needs daughter who has given us a new perspective on life, she is perfect and unique. Fighting for her is a strong passion behind what I do, I advocate for her. Being a parent of a spacial needs child has given me the opportunity to slow down, treasure each moment. To help others in navigating the road of parenting a non-typical child. We are so thankful for our wildflower. 



The man who moved across the country for me (Boston to Texas), constantly supporting my dreams every single step of the way from the beginning with starting a business to now opening a studio. Smiling and rolling his eyes as we pull over to some random beautiful spot for me to snap a photo. This adventure wouldn’t be the same without him. He always builds me up and believes In me. 



Four sweet babes from 11 to 4, they are what keep my creative brain alive. Documenting them in their every day has given me the opportunity to grow and learn. Being a mom is my priority, we love the chaos of a big family, but most of all we love the connection!

the kids


"A photograph is a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone” 


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