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7 Reasons You Won’t Regret Documenting Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an incredibly important stage in any woman’s life. You’re growing your new baby: a precious new addition to your family. Have you been on the fence about having a maternity photography session? Are you debating whether or not you’ll even want them? As your baby bump grows, you’ll find that it’s an incredibly precious part of you: that combination of you and someone you love, a baby that you’ll raise and love for a lifetime. You’ll never regret documenting your baby bump on film so that you can look back on it later—and there are several key reasons why.

Reason #1: You’ll Want to Remember This Someday

Eventually, the aches and pains of pregnancy fade, as does your memory of that important time in your life. Right now, you’re closer to your baby than you ever will be again. They’re listening to your heartbeat from within, sharing every moment of your life, connected to you no matter where you go or what you do.

Someday, you’ll want to be able to look back and remember these beautiful days. You’ll remember it, but the memories will fade. Having a gorgeous maternity photography session to look back on, on the other hand, will give you full-color memories that document you at your absolute best.

Reason #2: Pregnancy is a Fleeting Part of Your Life

Pregnancy is Only a Short Part of your Life Dallas Fort Worth Maternity Photography SessionMost women will only be pregnant once or twice in a lifetime—and it’s over in the blink of an eye.

While those nine months may seem to drag by while you’re actually pregnant, before you know it, you won’t be pregnant anymore.

You’ll have a beautiful little bundle of joy instead—a bundle that will grow faster than you believed possible. You’ll never regret having a record of those beautiful days to look back on later.

Reason #3: You Look Amazing!

You're Beautiful Floral Dallas Fort Worth Maternity Photography Session

Sure, you’re struggling with heartburn. You might look down at your ankles and wince or wonder how on earth you’re supposed to navigate with that big baby bump—but you’re also beautiful.

During this amazing period of time, you’re actually growing life. Many women have a gorgeous pregnant glow that they can’t hide even if they try—and who would want to?

During this stage of your life, you are absolutely stunning. Why not document photos of yourself during this beautiful stage of your life in a way that you will be able to look at and enjoy for years?

Reason #4: Your Kids May Want to See

Beautiful Pregnant Mother in Red Dress Holding Stomach in Maternity Photography Session Dallas Fort WorthAs your kids grow up, they may want to see what you looked like when you were pregnant with them. Someday, your daughters and sons will have children of their own, and you may want to share those memories with them. “This was me when you were still growing in my belly!” is an incredibly powerful message to offer your children.

It may help your daughter feel closer to you as she embarks on her own pregnancy journey. Your son may feel loved and cherished when he looks at those photos of you, so clearly in love with the one that is growing within.

Reserve those images so that you’ll be able to share them with your kids, whether you’re sharing them with the baby you’re pregnant with now or future children who want to see what Mommy looked like “before they were born.”

Reason #5: You’ll Increase the Family’s Connection to Your Baby

Husband Listening to Baby Heartbeat for Dallas Fort Worth Maternity Photography Session

There’s something magical about taking photos together as a family. You get a chance to just focus on one another as you sit around and laugh—and when you’re pregnant, that family connection extends to include your baby-to-be. During your maternity photography session, you’ll have an incredible chance to connect with your new little one.

Dad will rest his hand on your belly and feel the baby moving. Your older kids might read to the baby, or cuddle up against your bump, or just touch your belly with little smiles. During your maternity photography session experience, you’ll start the bonding process that takes place when you add a new member to your family—and you’ve got the perfect chance for your other children to start falling in love with the new addition to your family.

Reason #6: This is the Most Comfortable You’ll Ever Be with Your Belly

Pregnant Mother Sitting Showing Belly In Maternity Photography Session Dallas Fort WorthMost women struggle with the appearance of their bellies. Unless you were lucky enough to be blessed with a tight six-pack or a perfect hourglass figure, chances are, you’ve struggled with the way your belly looks.

When you experience your maternity photography session, however, you’ll find that you’re more comfortable with your belly than you ever have been before.

You’ll be happy with your bump and excited by the new life that you are nurturing. Why not document those perfect memories for the future? You’ll love looking back on that moment—not to mention falling in love with your body all over again as you remember what it managed to accomplish in those nine incredible months of pregnancy.

Reason #7: Maternity Photography is a Great Chance for Fantastic Reveals

Pregnant Mother Holding Stomach in Maternity Photography Session Dallas Fort Worth

Do you want to announce your pregnancy with a bang to relatives all across the country? Are you having a gender reveal? Your maternity photography session images are a great way to do exactly that in a professional, high-quality way that will be sure to fascinate your friends and family members. Instead of going the DIY route, consider hiring a professional maternity photographer to document those important memories and put together an amazing maternity shoot all at the same time.

Having a baby can be very expensive, and many moms-to-be choose to skip the maternity shoot in an effort to save some money. The memories that go along with your maternity photos, however, are well worth the expense—and so are you! Don’t put off your maternity photos until the last minute. Instead, contact me to discuss the maternity photography session you’re imagining and learn more about how I can help you document these memories for a lifetime. 

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