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11 Questions to Ask Your Newborn Photographer

Toddler Holding Newborn Sibling Beside Him During Newborn Photography Session Dallas Fort Worth

You want to get the best possible pictures out of your newborn photo session—not to mention making it a great experience for both you and your baby. In order to make the most of your newborn session it’s useful to have all the key information about your newborn photographer, their strategies, and the items you need for a successful shoot. Asking these important questions will make it easier to have a successful shoot.

1. How should I notify you that my baby has been born?

Often, you’ll schedule your newborn photo session based on an anticipated due date. Babies, however, typically arrive in their own time: sometimes later than anticipated, sometimes earlier than expected. You may need to adjust your photo session appointment to get your pictures while your baby is in that ideal window. Make sure you know your newborn photographer’s preferred method of communication so that when your baby is born, you can notify them and plan your final photo session date.

2. Can we try [X] pose?

Newborn Tightly Bundled With Eyes Open Newborn Photography Session Dallas Fort Worth

Is there a particular pose that you absolutely adore? whether it’s something that you’ve seen on Pinterest or a pose you found as you browsed through your photographer’s galleries? Make sure you mention it to your newborn photographer! While you want to leave plenty of room for creative freedom on the day of the shoot. You want to let your photographer know about any poses you’ve fallen in love with.

3. Can we use this prop?

Do you have a special prop that you’d like to use as part of your newborn’s photo session? It’s important to run it by your newborn photographer ahead of time. While special hats or blankets are unlikely to pose any problems, larger props may create bigger problems: they may be unsafe for baby, or your photographer may need time to think about how to integrate them. If there’s a specific prop you’d like to use, ask your photographer about it as soon as possible.

4. What should I pack?

Many newborn photographers will offer you a “what to bring” list that will tell you everything you need to bring with you for your photo shoot (extra clothes, anyone?). If your photographer hasn’t offered you that list, be sure that you ask for it! You don’t want to miss any critical items—or, on the flip side, stress yourself out worrying about packing items that you don’t really need.

5. How much time should I leave for my session?

You don’t want to be rushed during your newborn photo session. If the session goes smoothly, it may not take much time, but with newborns, things rarely go exactly according to plan! Talk with your newborn photographer to learn more about exactly how much time you need to allot for your newborn session when you plan your schedule for the day.

Mother Holding Bundled Child During Newborn Photography Session Dallas Fort Worth

6. How involved do you want Mom and Dad to be?

You don’t just want to know what to expect for your baby during your session. You want to know what to expect for you! Newborn Photographers with assistants to help keep a hand on your little one may be able to take over completely while you sit back and relax, while a photographer working alone may need you to help pose or hold onto your baby during the session. Talk with your photographer ahead of time to know what to expect.

7. What should I wear?

Some of the best newborn photo sessions include Mom or Dad. You should expect the studio to be warm to keep baby comfortably, so you may want to dress in layers to help keep yourself more comfortable. Talk with your newborn photographer about how to choose a stylish, comfortable postpartum outfit that will help you display that post-baby glow to full advantage while keeping you comfy.

8. Do you have any tips to help prepare baby for the session?

Newborn Laying in Crib During Newborn Photography Session Dallas Fort Worth

Most newborn photographers have extensive experience working with little ones, and they want to share that advice with you to help make your session more successful. From tips for how to avoid clothing lines on baby’s delicate skin during those gorgeous naked pictures to when to feed your baby to maximize your odds of a peaceful session, talk to your photographer about the tips they have to offer.

9. How do you handle uncooperative little ones?

In general, we’ll get plenty of gorgeous photos out of your newborn session regardless of your baby’s mood. Babies and moms alike, however, have unique health concerns and personalities that can influence the session. You need to know how your newborn photographer will handle it if your little one is struggling to cooperate—if only because it will give you an increased sense of peace about your session.

Sleeping Newborn in Onesie During Newborn Photography Session Dallas Fort Worth

10. How will you keep my little one safe?

Safety is so important when it comes to your precious little one, and you want to be sure you have a newborn photographer who is focused on keeping your baby as safe as possible. As your photographer what safety training they have received, who will be on hand to help with baby, and how they’ll keep your baby safe during the session. This will provide incredible peace of mind throughout your session!

11. When should I expect to get my pictures back?

As the parent of a newborn, you have more than enough on your mind without needing to check back constantly to see whether or not your pictures are done. Check with your newborn photographer to determine when you should expect a preview and when you should expect your finished images to be done. Then, mark it on your calendar so that you aren’t surprised!

Are you ready to schedule your newborn session? Are you excited about all of the sweet poses you may be able to get from your little bundle of joy? Check out my gallery to learn more about the incredible pictures I can offer or contact me to set up your session today.

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